How to Store Your Bread & Cakes

Bread Loaves


Don't store your bread in the fridge. Bread stored in the refrigerator will dry out and become stale much faster than bread stored at room temperature. For longer-term storage, you should freeze bread. Bread loaves are best consumed before expiry date.

For frozen bread, when you would like to eat it…

  • For sliced bread, please put it in the toaster. We don’t recommend the oven for it will dry out very easily.
  • For whole bread loaves, if you like them crispy after defrosting them, you can bake it in a preheated oven at 180 degree for 3-5 minutes.

Dry Cake


Keep in the fridge and finish the product before the expiry date.

Avoid storing dry cakes/pastries in direct sunlight. Prevent moisture within the packaging to avoid products become moldy.

Dry cakes/pastries should be placed in a covered container and keep in the refrigerator. The cover will prevent the pastries from drying ip and/or absorbing refrigerator odors.

Sweet & Savoury Buns


Keep in the fridge and finish the bun within 2 days. For buns that contain "Sensitive Products", such as dairy/egg/meat, are best consumed on the day of purchase.

To heat up your bun, you can put it in an oven/toaster, or an automatic cooker/steamer without adding any water. Do not put your bread in the microwave or it will become first very soft and then stiff and dry.

Cakes (Cream/Fondant)


Bread History/Savour Bakery cakes are best consumed within 2-3 days from day of purchase.

Make sure the utensils use to cut the cake is clean and dry to prevent cake from easily become moldy or other cross contamination.

Place the cake in the cake box or a covered cake display and keep in the refrigerator. The cover will prevent the cake and the whipped cream from drying up and/or absorbing refrigerator odors.

For best food safety, do not eat cake if found moldy or has become stale.

Bread History/Savour Bakery products are not added with any additives or preservatives. Please follow the instruction above to ensure the good quality of your bread.